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© Bespoke Character Creations by HitokiriChibi

This dice tray has been designed to have a large surface area that makes rolling multiple dice for encounters and spells easy and comfortable without breaking the pace and flow of your game.


The rolling area of the tray has also been designed to add some stealth to your rolls - the main section of the tray has sound deadening qualities and the padded walls mean that when the dice hit the sides, the sound is less noticeable as well. The bottom of the tray is made of nonslip material which also helps insulate the sound further.


Finally, synthetic suede completes the premium look of these dice trays making them a pleasure to feel and roll your dice on.


Total Size: 320mm x 230mm x 30mm

Roll Area: 250mm x 295mm

Materials: Fibreboard, Foil, Polystyrene plastic, Wood-based panel, Cork, Synthetic suede

Premium Stealth Tray - Large