Commission Art Prices

These prices are based on the average amount of hours each style takes to complete and your quote may be higher depending on the complexity of the overall design, added magic effects, extra items or animal companions and background choices.

Prices shown are excluding GST (10%).

On completion, you will receive a 300dpi PNG of your illustration.

If you'd like a style not pictured, please contact me for a quote!

​Prices are subject to change over time.

To view my current queue, please check out this Trello board.


- Has clean solid line art.

- Anime style features, which can be exaggerated more easily.

- A mix of hard and soft shading, except for the Mini Chibi style which is just hard shading.


- Lines are blended into the shading.

- Stylized features with a bit more realism blended in.

- Has a more painterly result than the anime style.

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