Commission Workflow

This is a quick run down on how a typical commission progresses when you work with me!

I see commissions as collaborations so after each round, I will show you my progress and ask for your feedback.

This is where I get you to let me know of any revisions or amendments that need to be made before we progress further.

There are a number of revisions allowed at each stage, and exceeding that number may result in additional fees which will need to be paid before work continues.

The general workflow is:

Poses > Refined Sketch > Lines and Flats > Render

Some styles will have less revision checkpoints due to their timed nature.



I aim to provide 3 rough pose ideas based on the details you've provided in your design brief.
3 revisions are allowed at this stage.

Revision Example: Of the three poses provided, you'd like to see A pose with the head tilted at a different angle. This will count as one revision. You would also like to see Pose B flipped so the character is facing the other direction, this is counted as a second revision. You then think of a new pose which might be a combination of previously drawn poses, or is completely new, which counts as a third revision.

Chibi Caelynn - Poses

Refined Sketch

This is where the details get added that take it from a blank pose to your character.
I will always try to work as accurately as possible to the provided design brief.
3 revisions are allowed at this stage, extra revisions will incur an additional fee which will need to be settled before progressing further.

Revision Example: Multiple tweaks to the character's design can be made in one go and count only as one revision, however if the changes will conflict and result in a secondary image being saved out, that secondary image will count as a separate revision. This might be trying to explore different character hairstyles, as all of them cannot be seen on the one image. This could also be trying to change the characters outfit and changing the style of jacket or shirt. Adding design elements not included in the design brief may also incur an additional charge and counts as a revision.

Caelynn Process - Refined Sketch

Lines + Flats

Lines and flat colors are added to the illustration, according to the design brief.

3 revisions are allowed at this stage, if you wish to change colors from what you originally envisioned.

Tip: Changing colors if they aren't correct can be easier if hex codes are provided!

Revision Example: The design brief states the character wears a green tunic. On seeing the colors, you decide you'd like to see what a blue tunic or a red tunic would look like. You request to see the blue and red variants, resulting in two revisions for that stage. To save on revisions, I highly recommend providing a hex color code for the shade you would like to try.

Chibi Caelynn - Lines and Flats

Final Render

This is the end of the commission and no further revisions will be made at this point.

Chibi Caelynn - Final Render