Chibi Illustrations

A style with exaggerated proportions - namely the large head.

All characters will look adorable in this style!

Illustrations are done on a 2000px square canvas with a transparent background by default.

Bases are now an optional extra!

Chibi Kalakani
Chibi Waxilium
Chibi Puktow
Chibi Daedalus
Chibi Caelynn
Chibi Skye
Chibi Leviticus
Chibi Titan
Chibi Dominic
Chibi - Dominic 1
Chibi Lucius
Chibi Mercy
Chibi Kokichi
Chibi Rhianja
Chibi Ragna
Chibi Ofnir
Chibi Obsidian
Chibi Grabacr
Chibi Faen
Chibi Olivia
Chibi Siarnor 2
Chibi Siarnor 1
Chibi Casey
Chibi Rosaya 1
Chibi Rosaya 2
Chibi Legrande
Chibi Zinnia
Chibi Qrow
Chibi Laylah