Bespoke, adj

1. Made for a particular customer or user.

2. Dealing in or producing custom-made articles

3. Made to order


I'm Cristina, a Melbourne based character illustrator.

I currently work as a full-time commission artist, meaning my days are spent collaborating with people in designing and illustrating their characters. I like doing things a bit different though, so I also enjoy offering unique, one of a kind physical items as well like stickers, coasters and resin coated pins.

I like getting characters 'right' for people which means I rely on your feedback while I'm working to get details the way you  see them in your head.​ I'm also pretty laid back and happy to throw around ideas and concepts before we start committing on a set path with the artwork.

For more details on how a commission works with me, check out my Commission Process.

At the moment personal commissions are closed, but I'm always happy to discuss commercial opportunities regarding projects on Twitch, Youtube or TTRPG / Video games! Just send me an email detailing the scope of your project and we can get talking.

Other places you can find me on the interwebs: