Bespoke Character Creations

The art of Cristina Murphy

Hi there,I'm Cristina, though most people know me as Chibi. Based in Melbourne, I work as a commission artist, primarily illustrating TTRPG characters. I'm comfortable working across a variety of styles you can browse here, and I enjoy collaborating closely with my clients.If you'd like to get in touch to discuss a project, send me an email with the details and I'll be happy to chat.Commission Status: Closed
Commercial enquiries: Open

Emotes and Avatars

Small and cute bite-sized portraits!

Prices from $44 AUD

Anime Styles

Clean lines, shading, expressive eyes and detailed hair in a distinctive anime style.

Minis from $44 AUD

Anime half bodies from $270 AUD

Anime full bodies from $360 AUD

Comic Noir Styles

Stark shadows and textured shading for a darker, grittier vibe.

Art Nouveau Styles

Clean lines, textured colours and flowing border designs.

Nouveau half bodies from $270 AUD

Nouveau full bodies from $360 AUD

Size Guide

An example of the different crop sizes available across my styles.